It happened, Jeb Bush became a candidate

About 1.5 years ago I wrote on the net that Jeb Bush could a good Presidential candidate, my wish became true. There is more to this. Back in October 2000 I drove back from New York City to Miami Beach and I thought ‘why can not Jeb Bush arrange Florida’s votes to George W. Bush’ and then I saw a shooting star in my auto and this is what really happened and GWB became the President. Now Jeb has a chance.

He’s not doing a good job of it thus far if the polls are any indication. He’s getting his arse handed to him by The Hairdo.


I think that Jeb Bush could be a good President, well, I am on another side of the world and you there in the USA have votes. I am glad that my wish became true though.

You know the hair is actually in control. The body is just a puppet. It has controlled many vessels in its attempt to take over the world. It’s getting closer.

I’m Canadian so for me it’s mostly a matter of amusement.


Jeb Bush is the worst possible candidate there is…he wants to phase out social security and medicare…aside from being a Bush…his brother and his dad ruined the nation’s economy…

The ‘insiders’ don’t like him. He’s messing with Bush being anointed.


I think Trump makes some fairly good points about immigration. He seems to understand the mindset of the people involved. Im not american though, and I wouldnt want to depend on social security if he became president.

Donald Trump is a better candidate in my opinion

Trump’s not keen on a woman he thinks is having her period.

What’s the word on liberal candidates? It’s like they’re all sleeping.

obama was liberal enough now its time to swing the pendulum

I disagree! My vote counts too.

Uh, what???

I’ve learned not to argue with women when it’s, um, a bad time of the month to do so. Being outnumbered in my own home certainly doesn’t help!

Basic fact of male survival. :wink:


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Bwwaaahaaaa! Hilarious!


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It’s a ■■■■■■■ Clown Show

Oh, yes, but it’s fun to watch!



That it is … :smiley: