It feels weird

I get emails from all these dating sites to this day , but it feels weird cos I don’t need to open the emails anymore. :confused: Online dating is risky and because of all those experiences I still get flashbacks that maybe he’s the same idiot I met all those other times…

Why don’t you just unsubscribe?

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It not so easy. I tried to delete it but I don’t know how :confused: It’s the Indian dating site… I think it really spammy one. I am just gonna have to create a new email and keep this for junk…

There should be an unsubscribe button at the bottom. If that doesn’t work just report then as spam. If you report as spam a few times you’ll stop getting them.

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Thanks. I need to stop being lazy. I have thousands of junk emails in there that need clearning :neutral_face:

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