It feels too good to be true

2018 wen i came off aps i had relapsed by this many months time.
im currently on a ‘sub therapeutic’ ap dose and still not relapsed.

it is great yea.

but seems too good to be true :sweat_smile:

i have been more attentive to coincidences recently.

hopefully nt a slippery slope


also my nervousness energy has gone up and im kind of stressing about starting ft work.

im really scared but also really happy about no current relapse

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i guess maybe staying away from boys might be helping cos last two times i relapsed was wen i was with guy relationship.

i guess i need to remain single afterall.

Be careful that it doesn’t creep back in on you slowly. Are you seeing a pdoc? Please make sure to tell them what’s going on with you even if it seems insignificant. We can’t always judge for ourselves.


thank you for the response.

i only see a mental health nurse now.

i will tell him.

what ive told you.

just that nervousness energy is a bit of a new thing so just got to find ways to relax more perhaps.


I’m glad you’re going to tell your nurse.


thankyou Pianogal …


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