It feels so empty without you

You say nothing
But I imagine everything from it
People, places, stories an entire world
Just so I will not feel the emptiness
That surrounds me


That does it. No more poetry about my ex.

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Nice poem Flowerpot. Many great poems are written as a result of a lost love.


Sounds like your ex is your Muse. Pain and creativity seem to go hand in hand


Yes I guess it is. It is just… it seems so long ago since I realised that we were not good for each other. And I haven’t seen him for 6 months.

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Yes it does. I have never felt anything more intense than that, but it wasn’t a healthy relationship, Unfortunately.
Are you creative your self?

Sorry things didn’t work out. But probably better in the long run that you part company now

Yes, I love creativity. I write my own songs and have a recording studio at home

Here is one of my latest

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Wow! You’re really good! Who is singing? Are you in a band?
Do you also have a Muse? Lots of questions sorry
I don’t know if it is a good or a bad Thing, that my ex is my Muse. I Mean I want to be creative, but I don’t wanna keep living in a fantasy.

Neil Innes “I suffer for my music. Now it’s your turn.” :wink:

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Thanks @Flowerpot :hugs:

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That is a friend of mine, Blaine singing. Yes, I played in several bands now. The best Hobby in the world!!

I know what you mean by getting hung up on someone. I have written five songs about one of my ex-girlfriends now, but I think of it as healing so that I can let it go.

It’s a slow process isn’t it

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I would like to read these songs.
So did you get over her?

Yes, I’m over her. We are still on good terms, not that we call each other but it’s always a friendly hug when we see each other

Here are the lyrics to the song I sent you

Cumsy Fool

I threw stones at your window
Waiting for you to show your face
A nervous wreck with good intentions
Watching you tiptoe through this madness
As I wrestle with Grace

All I know, is that I’m just a clumsy fool
Tripping over tangled feet
What would it hurt, to have a little taste
Of something so sweet

For many years, I wandered
The boulevard of Forgotten Dreams
And when I hear your voice, you’re standing
Right in front of me, in my mind, within my heart it seems


I threw stones at your window
Waiting for you to show your face…

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Thank you. I like it. But it is kind of sad. Did you wrote it about your ex?
I’m happy to hear you’re on good terms. I my self don’t have Any contact with my ex. I know he has moved on and I’m happy for him. But I’m still confused.

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No, this one’s not a bad my ex. It’s more of the story of an innocent Teenage Love Affair

I’m sorry you have to go through this right now, but it does slowly get better, eventually to the point it doesn’t hurt at all

You said earlier that it’s an unhealthy relationship. It was something you couldn’t get past obviously? Hope you don’t mind my asking

So the clumsy fool is trying to get the girl’s attention? That is sweet.
About my ex. We didn’t treat each other well. It was an on and off relationship where we couldn’t rely on each other.
I guess the reason why I can’t get past it has something to do with my situation. I’m on disability payment so I don’t work or study or anything. Also there are the negative symptoms, I don’t seem to find anything interesting. But the love affair was quite intense and it doesn’t take much to re-live it in my fantasy. You know, I don’t have to come up with a hobby or go out and socialize. I can just sit home reading old journals and writing poems and then feel alive by doing so.
Does that make sense?

I can see that, for sure. As unhealthy as I might be, it’s excitement in your life. My life can seem pretty mediocre at times

Yes, that does make a lot of sense.

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