It feels good not being sick

It feels good because it pleases me that I’m not sick. And it doesn’t have to please anybody else.

I am content, because I am content. It was when I was sick I felt the need to please everyone else.

Even though I am more right or correct, now, I have less need for gratification, so it’s like my healing has come full circle in that not only I am better, but I am better in that I aim to please myself rather than just others.

feels freaking amazing dude. I’d definitely say a lot of things have come full circle. Rather than two parallel lines which will never meet, now it all comes together and in multiple places too.

Idk :neutral_face: I’m just happy.

No one can bring me down. Life is perfect :ok_hand:. And all that philosophy and positive sayings and bull crap all of a sudden makes perfect sense when in the past it made zero sense.


It wasn’t always this way, obviously. If you’re reading this and saying “gee, I’m never gonna get there”. Well I thought so too a couple years ago. With medication, therapy, this message board, an open mind, and a positive outlook. Those have been the five main keys for me. You can get there too :sunglasses:


I usually think it will get worse. Can’t shake the feeling

Lol I almost think my grandiosity has paid off at times. “God has my back, everything will be alright because of this” has gotten me through some tough thinking years. “The power of positivity” has been helpful. To supplement these other tools.

Do you mean not physically sick or that you are not mentally ill anymore

It’s the mental aspect I’m doing really well with right now.

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That’s good. Glad to hear it.

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Life is so beautiful when you’re not sick!

Like, SO, SO beautiful, you don’t even know…



It sure does feel good. I’m glad you’re doing well! @Jonnybegood

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Are you working or going to school?

Well done. You don’t have to sit in front of a tree for 7 years to have some good quality enlightenment moments. Being crazy can do it too but getting to better places where thought is decent is an amazing thing!

I’m glad your in a positive place. I get there most days but have my moments. I’ve learned to revel in the good times and ride out the bad! And. It’s well worth telling everyone you can your doing well!

There’s a lot of negativity with mental illness. It’s just the nature of the beast but seeing people do well is so worthwhile for the community!

Keep on keeping on matey!


Glad to hear that you’re doing okay. I remember when i first signed up to this site i spoke to you briefly, and you weren’t doing so well at that time. Glad to know things have improved for you.

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Are you asking me??? I am not right now but I should be volunteering in January. I’m medically not prepared to go back to working yet because still recovering from hernia surgery but on January 1st I will try to volunteer.

When I was 19 and I said for the first time really “what do I want out of my life?” I didn’t say a job. I didn’t say a woman (even though that’s probably what I wanted the most), I didn’t say anything except for “I wanna be enlightened”

I didn’t know what it truly meant at that point much at all!! But that word “enlightenment” although a common/cliche term, really stuck out to me that you would choose to use it based on what I’ve been describing lately in my thinking in this post.

But feeling ecstatic!!! Life is dandy. Given apples, I’m making apple cider now!!

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I’m planning on volunteering in January too, starting from last week of January. Dunno exactly how that will be yet I’m excited.

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Do you know where you’ll be volunteering?? I’m thinking about the nature center/audobon society/bird museum place.

I go hiking there every day in the summer anyways lol.

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Oh cool is that with animals?
Yes I’ll be volunteering with different people and discussing eating habits with them, that’s the plan. I have a degree in nutrition.

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That’s awesome :clap:!!! It’s not with animals only 18 and under Is allowed to work with the animals I’ll probably be doing grounds maintenance on trails and stuff.

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Thank you :slight_smile:
That sounds constructive. I hope u enjoy it.
Good to keep active and busy if u can.

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