It doesnt take a lot to make me happy

today I went to a charity shop and I got a large mug, a tennis ball a mirror 3 sleeping bags, a blanket and a whole bag of stuffed toys for 10 pounds!
doggies are fast asleep on their sleeping bags having played themselves out on the soft toys I throw out the bedding when it gets mucky cause it clogs up the washing machine had a really nice day:)

Congratulations on having a really nice day. It would take a lot for me to have a nice day, though.

i am happy for you that you had a good day.
take care

hi carolineC well if you lived near me id take us swimming and shopping and have a take away any good? ty darksith.

Thanks. That’s very sweet of you. :smile:

good idea for the dogs.

I find when I’m sitting at home reading and my kid sis is also home safe and playing her piano, and I KNOW my parents are in their home safe and sound and nothing is unsafe with anyone I know… I’m very happy about that.

I’m getting used to the flavor of contentment.

carolineC your welcome:) ty pob my dogs are my world.
suprizedj im glad your feeling content.