It could have been worse

I would have either been destroyed by drugs or a become a self righteous fundamentalist religious fanatic. Either way I was fated for schizophrenia. After I first got ill i recovered and was only mildly sick on a small dose of medicine but went off and now I’m on four medicines and preoccupied with the illness, to put it short. I got back on my feet after my first episode
for a year and was in remission. I never should have gone off my melleril. I was only on 100 mg.! I have regrets but it could have been worse for me. There’s a lot more to the story but I feel funny posting it more than I have. I feel alright this morning, I slept last night without a heavy sleep aid and I’m going to do my art today. I’m looking forward to a shower! I’m always depressed, though I function on a good level but I truly can’t work I’m just too burnt out.

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