It could be a blessing in disguise

I’m getting signals that things are going to get tough for me. Instead of sticking it out in assisted living I might hit the street again. There were times when I was on the street I was much happier than I was when I was in an apartment. I could get a little internet time at the local library, but not too much. I’ll have to wait and see what develops.

Did something happen? I recall several posts of yours that life was fairly good over there… perhaps I misunderstood those…?

Life hasn’t taken a turn for the worse, yet, but I’m getting signals it could. I need to consider my options. I don’t want to be overhasty. I do have a lot more in assisted living than I would have on the street.

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man I hope you don’t end up on the streets !! I hope you can stay where you are.

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Agreed. Living on the street sounds scary…and the time is not good by any means.

Thanks. I’ll have to think long and hard before I make that move.

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I might not be able to hold up on the street as long as I used to. I’ll have to think carefully before I decide.

what kind of signals are you getting? just curious, i’m not welcome where I am at but they won’t dare kick me out since me and my partner pay over 1000 dollars worth of the bills.

Just the way people look away when I approach them, and the expression on their faces. I think I’ve really hit a nerve with some people. There was this woman at a writers’ club that I belonged to. She was really passionate about bringing me to Jesus. I’m skeptical about religion. I guess you can say I’m an agnostic. The people where I live tend to be fundamentalist Christians. It’s the buckle of the Bible belt. I kind of inched my way out of the club, and I think the older women there took it as a snub. I also wrote some stuff for the local library writing contest that openly derided God. I know this one preacher reacted against what I wrote viscerally.

I’m not an expert in these matters, but it sounds like something that might not last forever(If anyone has bad feelings toward you). You have to just keep being friendly with everyone. If they read what was in the paper they won’t hold it against you forever. They’ll forgive you if they feel bad about it. After all isn’t that what a christian is supposed to do?


I don’t think it’s a good idea to become homeless Crimby, I don’t know why you’re thinking like this, but it worries me a bit.

You’re entitled to have a good, stress free, life. Especially without the worries of homelessness.

And you’re also entitled to your opinions, so stick by them and don’t let those people ruin your life, and don’t ruin your own life yourself in fear of not fitting in.


Sometimes I get bad vibes, imagined and real.

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