'It can't be right that a sick person goes to a cell' - Guardian Newspaper

Does an agreement between police, NHS trusts and paramedics that aims to reduce the use of custody for people in mental health crisis stand any chance of success?

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@SzAdmin…as matter of interest, how do you keep track of these mental health articles in the newspapers. You had one from the NY Times and now this one from the “English” Guardian. Im assuming you don’t subscribe to these papers. Im assuming theres a website out there which keeps track of these mental health articles as it would take you ages to read those papers and would drive you nuts looking for mental health articles. So how do you track them…, fill us in?

I use a ton of different services.

Here is a partial list:

Twitter: I follow about 1,000 different groups and people.

MyYahoo - I subscribe to the RSS feeds (news updates) for about 200 different web sites that cover news in this area.‎

Google Alerts: I watch all kinds of different “key words” - like psychosis, mental health, schizophrenia, antipsychotic, etc.