It can be hard to accept you need support

It’s good to be as independent as possible, but sometimes you have to accept you need support. That can be hard. It can make you feel like a failure.


That’s exactly how I’m feeling right now, too


It’s worse when the support isn’t forthcoming… It leaves a very bitter taste.


I often wonder whether the support team is actually getting support for me more than I’m getting it from them community outreach doesn’t mean they reach out strangle you or does it sometimes I feel the support is something your family could give you but don’t want to and last but not least a total stranger can give you more support that you can for yourself

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I’m like this more with my physical health then my mental health. I’m much more willing to go to the ER for psych reasons than physical.


I can relate to that @everhopeful . I expected more support from my family, but really got none. I’m forgiving them slowly , but that’s a tough one


Good point. I had that when living in Essex. Treated like a nuisance for seeking more help and support. Was struggling with my own mental health while caring for a wife with vascular dementia, and was told to go and see a private counsellor. After my wife died I attended a day centre for a few years and then was dumped from going there. I then became the all too common non acute,middle aged service user with SMI that’s shoved to the back of queue.


The support i have a right to is me denied. It would have financial support and qualify for mental therapeutic support like a gymmembership or a musical instrument.

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Some people i know in mental health circles - “tend to lay it on thick” when they want attention from the services, and make out they are worse than they are.

I can understand the reasoning - but im the opposite. Often ive told the CPN im fine and coping when in reality im feeling like crap. In a strange way - i dont want to be seen as a dissapointment or “time waster”.

I should be more honest with them. But i also agree that you gotta be seen to some extent as helping yourself - no matter how little that may be.

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