It' been 20 years since I last went to a mental hospital

I was in the psychiatric hospital in 2010.

I nearly thought I was going to end up there again last year but some extra visits to my psychiatrist helped me to not go there.

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Do u mind telling a little bit of ur story? I’m 26 and kinda want to be on the same route

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Well I’ve been suicidal a lot, maybe 35 situations. One time I even told my father I need to go to the hospital and he said just wait and then see how you feel. So I’ve been close. I think how I got through those times when being close to going to the mental hospital is support from my parents. They are very supportive. I’m not saying that you should wait and see how you feel when thinking about the hospital because it might not work. I think most of the time people are right when they think they should go to the hospital. You just feel it in your gut, you know? Also faith kept me from going too.

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