"It Ain't All Pyschotic" Art Series

Cara Jean Brown has just released 11 very personal art prints for a very limited time from her “It Ain’t All Psychotic” series. Most of the paintings and drawings are from a period when Brown would have been considered psychotic by the medical community. All of the prints are much older works whose style and concepts can often be seen in more recent drawings and paintings. Creativity and challenged mental health seem to go hand and hand in the art community and is oftentimes linked fairly and in many cases unfairly.

Take a closer look at all 11 pieces by visiting the website then decide if any of the ideas and images are way out there or just normative ideas presented in an unsettling yet relatable way. Best Wishes and Happy Mental Health To You!

[Fine Art America][1]

[1]: http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/2-cara-brown

I examined the art pieces. Its modern art for the most part, something I have grown to appreciate. As the statement, “it aint all psychotic” it could be an ironic statement. It also depends on what your opinion of psychosis is, negative or positive or a mixed bag just like life. To me everyone is crazy even me, I am just a little more dedicated to my art.

Its been quite negative for me all around. I guess i just get tired of being considered crazy and unstable when i present very good arguments to the contrary. i guess what i have decided is no matter how much support i need and get in all of this i am pretty much alone in my experience as someone who has been diagnosed. As far as art goes i figure as long as i can muster the motivation to paint i’m doing o.k. deciding on what is relevant to express and share with people interested in art is a little more difficult. I live the pain of this diagnosis day in and day out, oftentimes i just don’t want to memoralize the trauma of my experiences through art.