Issues with technology thread 1

Today, I have had some problems with my phone camera.

At 0.5 range, it is normal, and has a color view. However, if I zoom to 1.0 and up, it has a black and white view.

I plan on complaining to AT&T, and seeing if they will be able to help me. I hate IT types, since I have been targeted by them so often. They seem like a nasty Revenge of the Nerds bunch; the lead nerd in that movie is a rapist, so…they have an abusive mentality - most of them, and are essentially imbeciles, where emotional intelligence is concerned. They gain a false self-esteem by abusing others, and creating problems for them, instead of fixing problems. Some of them seem to roam in packs, bullying people outside the industry, as a way to bond with each other, and feel included in their group; anyone that abuses others to feel included is of low moral character. Take heed! Never trust someone like this, or become someone like this! Be upright!

Has anyone else had weird problems with technology, from psychosis, onward?


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What you trying to say?

IT guys are not targeting you and your phone issues are just regular phone issues. I know some IT guys and they’re great people. They’re not emotionally unintelligent rapists. But if you get emotional with tech support guys then don’t expect them to go out of their way to calm you down, they just want to do their jobs.

Maybe, IT guys aren’t targeting YOU. How nice for you, but I am NOT you, and I know what I have experienced in the past two years or so, is not normal at all.

Learn a bit more about my experiences, before being so dismissive of them. Also, don’t be so distracted by my insults toward the abusive IT men that have targeted me (which you seem to take too personally; if it doesn’t apply, let it fly) that you miss what I am saying, overall.

You’re making nasty comments about a lot of people. I get that you’re really emotional now but this thread is ridiculous. And on a forum for schizophrenia, telling you that your delusions are delusions is not an insult.

On YouTube, today, a Charles Manson video was suggested for me, for no apparent reason.

I wished Vimeo could better rival YouTube.

(YT is a subsidiary of Google, which is an Alpjabet company. I have a theory about the Kremlin being behind Google.)

Yes that’s how the suggestions work for everyone.

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You too easily dismiss unusual occurrences, and my responses to them, as delusions.

You can take it or leave it. This is a forum for schizophrenia and I’d say this is obviously a delusion.

There is more complexity than you are allowing, in these algorithms. I haven’t watched videos about Manson, or anyone similar. Why suggest them to me?

We’re not all bad! I do freelance work as a computer technician (residential and small business only). I always take my time and explain things to them, I small talk and socialize about stuff, turn it into a friendly and helpful experience, and I don’t charge them exorbitant amounts of money. They always rehire me.

But I do get your point, there are some holier than thou people out there who use there knowledge to lord themselves over people. Those type of people are annoying to deal with and it’s unfortunate they take advantage of people who are desperate for help.

Just delete all your history, favorited or liked content, cookies and other stored data. Then see what it recommends

Or just turn off recommendations and get ad blockers and stuff.

I modified my YouTube browser to not even show me recommendations anymore

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I know they’re complex, but they’re not targeting you, at least not in the sense you’re saying. The video has 13 million views. It was probably suggested to millions of people. It’s not a message to you or an attempt to make you feel bad.

I am aware what this forum is for.

Being gaslit is never helpful. Learn to distinguish between reality-based concerns, and delusions; you don’t seem to know the difference, which gives me an unfavorable impression of you.

That’s another ridiculous accusation. I think you should disconnect for a while and do something that calms you because you’re not being very rational now.

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