Issues with rhythm

I notice that when my symptoms get bad I really struggle with rhythm and strumming patterns when playing guitar. Anybody else experience something similar?

Sorry, my rhythm is always off. I have no internal timer. and I’m a bit tone deaf. I’ve often wondered if this was related to my illness or if it is just another of my odd disadvantages.

it could reflect the language centers in your brain functioning abnormally. i used to sing before sz, musical notes are connected to language in my brain somehow. now i find it impossible to sing melodicallyand i suffer from poverty of speech and dysfluency

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Try some exercises, and then check yourself. Even a pair of decent weighted dumb bells with about 7 different exercise for my arms does the trick for me. Rhythm, typing, speaking, etc are all back in line then.

My personal belief is it has something to do with the sense of proximity. If my mind was worried about the “Skhizens” of my imagination, then it is mostly an internally occupied mind, right? The proximity of those kinds of things isn’t even beyond the body, and so when I’m trying to do things smoothly and precisely redundantly, I don’t succeed because I can’t go from one to the other; from inside concerns to outside concerns.

So if I active my proximity faculties through some kind of physical activity where it is required in order to do what I was doing, then it seems that I’m coming from a state of mind concerned about the outside of the mind, right?

So it’s kind of a prime and go routine. Prime the faculty that you need before using it to find perfection with it.

Scz’s are very preoccupied in our minds, so this probably is especially important for us.

Let us know if it works for you too.

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