Issues with fedex >_<

Ugh!! One of my packages said it was gonna be delivered Wednesday… it is now Monday and it still says “delivery date pending” seriously?? I was supposed to get a package yesterday too… and nothing🙄

Anybody else having delivery issues with them right now?


I have had ongoing problems with fedex. about every 10th delivery never gets to me and I have to have my order reshipped and about every third delivery is 3 days late or more.


So annoying >_<


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I feel bad for Walmart having to pay to compensate for fedex’s incompetence

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Totally… I have some semi spendy things supposed to be coming through fedex… so they better deliver…


I’ve gotten so much free stuff because FedEx sucks.

Sometimes they’ll lose my shipment,

I’ll get refunded, then two months later the shipment shows up.

Maybe it’s wrong to keep the money after that,

But for all the hassle, I feel I deserve it.

If they want the money back, they can contact me.


Words that should never be uttered, haha.


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