Israel much better than the US

I wish the world was more like Israel.
Israel is a very civilized country, the Israeli population is much more civilized than
the American one.
I love China much more than America.
I will probably stay in Israel.
I hope that America loses its power internationally and gets weak, I want China
to grow and become global hegemon.

I want to move to somewhere in northern europe and talk funny poetry noise all the time.

You do know Israel would not have nearly as much power and influence without the support from the US, right? I’m not going to pick a side, and I’m not from the US, but I don’t think it’s wise of you to hope the US loses influence if you want Israel to keep it.

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It doesn’t matter, Israel had a problem in the past with international relations,
now the problem is effectively gone,
what you are talking about is old news.
Even the Arab countries don’t want to destroy Israel any more.
And I hold fast to what I wrote in the original post.

man, I want to side with U.S., but this thread feels both religious and political.

too much pressure. I’m out.


The Arab countries don’t want to destroy Israel anymore because there is nothing left of them.
Lebanon is a crater. Syria is being blown to ■■■■.
Iraq got totally annihilated, and Egypt is an Allie of Israel again.
I hadn’t really considered that until you mentioned it.
Things are looking up it seems