Isotetrinoin (accutane)

Any of you took isotretinoin (accutane) for acne?

Yes, I and my two sisters had used it, its very effective,

Yes. I took Isotretinoin when I was 18. It’s a very good medication for acne.

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I did, worked great for acne, but it gave me horrible depression

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I think I might’ve used it. It was causing dryness of the skin for me so I had to stop it immediately.

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I took it when I was 17. It was very effective

I took it a very long time ago.

back when I was a teen and had friends with bad acne. it seemed their dermatologists would try just about everything first and none of it worked, then they would get on Accutane as a last resort and their acne would miraculously clear up.

is that stuff still prescribed? I heard they don’t use it anymore.

Yes. It was a horrible experience! Dry eyeballs, chapped lips, vision problems, joint pain… It’s pretty hardcore. I had photosensitivity for years afterward.

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