Isolation makes me nuttier


Felt bad today, stayed in my room in bed. When I get around other people my thoughts become more normal and less crazy. I may not like to be around people much, but I really need to, at least a little. It’s just so hard to get up and going some days. Having social anxiety doesn’t help much either.


i actually love isolation , it is like i get closer to the essence of the universes !
take care


Interesting. When I get my socialuzation online and stay more isolated in the physical sense, I’m far better off. Contact with people can sometimes trigger episodes or increase unwanted thoughts considerably.


I’m the same way. I’m so isolated. I mean I get contact with my bf when he’s not working but other than that I don’t get much. Being around people is just weird and brings up a lot of stuff I don’t want to deal with in public.


It’s a case of “I need you more than I want you.”


Yup, that sounds right.


I can be around a few people who I trust. I can be around most of my family… just not all at once. But just to be out in public a lot? No, can’t do it. But sometimes there are a few people here at my apartment and I’m OK with that. Also with my job with the parks, people are far away using the playground and not bothering me. Just having them around is Ok. But I don’t need to talk to them much.


Yeah it does me too. Being around people has a sobering effect for me and my attitude changes. I isolate mainly because I have a paranoid mind set going on at the time. Believing they are out to get me. When in fact nobody is. Normally if its a cloudy day I’ll isolate more. Don’t let it defeat you.


I find being around people distracts my thoughts so I don’t dwell on things so much. Doing artwork really helps too. Maybe you could find a small hobby group or book club to join with just a few people. I have an art group I go to at a place for schizophrenia that is small. It gets me out of the house. Nothing worse than being home staring at the wall.


Being alone makes me more paranoid about things. My kids and husband keeps my feet on the ground. Also going to work makes me feel good about myself. I see that ppl aren’t there to harm me, they are friendly.


Maybe on the days that your inform for getting out write in a jurnal. I find putting my thoughts down on paper really helps clear my mind. It might even help if you write a personal letter to someone even if you never intend to give them it.

Look out your window and see the world as it goes by. I find that very relaxing



I write all the time. I journal extensively and I write tons of letters. I give them to the people they are meant for thought because I can’t help it. If I went through the time and effort to write for/at or about a specific person, then I have to give it to them otherwise the process feels incomplete.