Isn't that just the way of things?

We’ve been cat sitting a friends cat and it’s been pretty easy. The first few days my sis tried so hard to be Raven the cat’s friend and the cat ended up annoyed.

My sis has also been sneezing a lot, runny nose, watery eyes, only after being around the cat. So now, she avoids the cat, and just cleans the box and puts food down, but she doesn’t try to be it’s friend. So last night, Raven the cat slept on her bed. I heard sneezing all night.


Poor sis… Ya cats seem to want to make up their own minds in their own good time about liking people.


Cat’s are my spirit guide, I love them, however they are so head strong, up themselves in a way, and rather amusing in how they behave. Have you ever heard of the book:



^^sorry I hope that doesn’t upset anyone, it is a funny book and in no way, should it be taken seriously!