Isnt Schizophrenia.coms hard drive full yet?

Years of so many posts stored, how much more can it hold?

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well, I’m pretty sure most of the data is being compacted into characters/strings, since we mostly communicate through messages. even the youtube videos can be stored as a string like “http://www.youtu…” since they are only references that go to the website. they aren’t actually holding the video.

I have no idea about the pictures and gifs though.

Yeah. It’s just text. Takes up very little space. But we could look into how to upload dense files.

How much further can you compress?

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what I’m thinking is that whenever we upload an image unto here, it’s being saved on something thats similar to youtube. and so images might be referenced and not directly stored (kind of like videos,) because I have no idea how they would compactly store an image with all of its pixel data. I haven’t really studied much into computers yet. : /