Isn't life cruel

Life is a bitch and then u die
For us it’s the schiz for others it can be any number of things such as living where there is Ebola
Or other disasters that happen
And some people get abused
I’m just really negative tonight

Being cruel gets rewarded. Being nice and decent seems to invite predators and other people to take advantage of you.

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It’s not that bad. I’m only gonna get sicker and die but I’m kind of excited about it. At least I’m free from delusion now aside from thinking everyone is telepathic. I’m actually having a good night. Happy holidays.

Life is a bitch because I made it my bitch . I put that bitch(life) in her place.

Happy holidays!

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I don’t know if I will choose to be decent or if I will chose to say, “screw it” and be as rotten as the next guy. It’s always fun to surprise people and halt them in their tracks when they realize they don’t have the monopoly on life experience.