Isn't it strange - paradox of delusions

Isn’t it strange how when one says what ones delusion is, one says it’s real, it’s not a delusion,

But when someone else says the same delusion or similar, one says they are delusional it’s not real

Eg if I say the hitmen are coming to kill me I don’t believe or say it’s delusion but it’s real, but when someone else says the hitmen want to kill them I say to them it’s a delusion it’s not real

Why’s this? It’s strange isn’t it?


I don’t understand

Maybe because we don’t know their delusions of reference? (Aka the other delusions/hallucinations which their delusions are based on)

So there’s no supporting “evidence”.

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My delusion is real not a delusion
But your delusion is a delusion not real

We all seem to think this way about our own delusions, that they are real

But when others talk of theirs (even if it’s the same) we are quick to say they are having a delusion


Its difficult to see our own biases

this reminds me of a false memory I have. it’s of being in a field by an electrical sub station when I was about 14. I began to smell gunpowder. it was about 10 or 11 o’clock at night. and there appeared people dressed as if it were the 1700’s on a rise in the near distance. there were a few indians dressed as indians and some soldiers in 18th century dress. the indian hailed me. i coudn’t move my legs. they sent a girl down to me who sprinkled me with powder from a small bag. i spoke to them. i told them i was on cocaine and the indian said “noocaine!” i spoke furhter and learned it was a battalion of volunteers moving artillery by oxen. there was a minister and a scientist from harvard i spoke to about my times. i dreamed of going back after walking away at day light and asking a guy what year we were in. i brought them a cassette player with the red hot chilli peppers and they shared with me rum the best rum i’ve ever tasted and believe it or not marijauana.

turn forward to false delusions from 2001 or 02’ and I’m at a jay-z concert with my girl and she has sewed a lightning bolt on my beige sweatshirt and we get back stage. i told him out back of the arena about this and he says "we need to get you a delorian. you went back to the future.

back at home i remembered nothing. i’m okay.

i just mentioned it because it is of it’s self involving a paradox in time.

then in 2001 i was working at a CVS store as a clerk and an electrical worker started getting interested in me. mentioned the field in question and said that they heard people talking there sometimes. this conversation started because the bell rang unconctrolably and we started talking. said he knew ,my ex girlfriend and walked out. told me he hung out with people and talked about the paranormal. i talk to people he said.