Isn’t it something that for some people 5mg of a particular med can floor them whilst someone can take 50mg no problem?

And for some people that 5mg can rid them of symptoms whilst the 50mg person could still be symptomatic.

I am glad there is a range of meds for this reason


I take huge doses but I have no problem

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It’s all about horses for courses. It doesn’t mean the person on 50mg is iller than the person on 5mg. It isn’t a competition.

I think some meds just fit an individuals unique experience of sz

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No, I am not iller. Meds don’t work for me

If you had the right dr you would have tried clozapine a long time ago. There’s a 50% chance of recovery. What do you have to lose?

My protocol was to try invega and go right to clozapine if that didn’t work

i take a low dose and i’m pretty good but if i took more i’d be very tired and probably worse off, its about finding the right balance with the right med is all i can say but thats what has worked for me personally :slight_smile:

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Im on a truckload of medications and they don’t bother me. I guess everyone is different. Either that or I’m just so used to medication.

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