Is zyprexa a bad drug in your opinion?


i see skinny. that’s why i am big even though that i eat twice a day maximum. I sometimes eat once a day you know… But its the only med who doesn’t give me other horrible side effects and just helps me to be on my feet. the other aps make me crazier…


Yeah dude. that drug gave me 15kg in weight more… stuff makes u hungry…


Anna, you must eat a minimum of 1200 or more calories a day in order not to gain weight. If you eat less than that, you will put on weight. It is the cavewoman syndrome or starvation response. If you starve yourself, you gain weight. You can’t go over a certain amount of calories either. Usually about 1400 to 1500 calories for a female.
I keep close track of my calories on an app called It works.


Ok, ill try to count my calories. But even this med works strangely on me. it doesn’t open my appetite like i heard that it do it for all of you. I am hungry but not as an wolf like my other ill friends in real life…


I hate olanzipine. Made me gain 20 lbs in TWO DAYS. I have been feeling so depressed and self-hateful ever since then. I felt like crap. Didn’t even help my psychotic symptoms. Drained me and I was even more disabled on it than off it. I will gladly take my delusions and hallucinations without that medicine.

Little rant there, everyone is different, so if it helps you you should use it


I think it’s a good drug, I have very little weight gain on it. It does make me a bit drowsy but caffeine helps fix that. My sleep quality is great too on it.


It makes u fat. And nobody wants to be fAt. I’m fat and I just switched to Latuda. Only after 3 months working out daily and eating 1000 calories a day am I now technically not overweight.


I have read that Sarcosine when taken along with Clozapine is inaffective. It seems they work on same receptor systems in the brain. Sarcosine, it seems works well when taken with other anti psychotics or on it’s own.


When you end up in the ER in the us they put you on a 7.5 or so mg Zyprexa injection very frequently. There are other drugs which control symptoms just as effectively and even more quickly like benzos. The Zyprexa thing is more of a tradition, people think atypicals are better than typicals because they don’t start people moving as much, so Zyprexa is the first candidate. Most of its effects on psychosis could be chalked up to sedation though.


Yes it made me tired and not able to concentrate. Lack of sexual interest etc. I think users are prone to suicidal thoughts.


Made me tired, hungry and have bouts of akathesia. I hated it


I didnt like Zyprexa made me feel drowsy and brain fogged, but it’s still better than confusion and it is still better than taking haloperidol in my opinion cause haloperidol made my muscles stiff in weird places… i don’t take pharmaceuticals anymore I only take pure CBD from hemp cause I’ve been looking at studies on it for schizophrenia and a particular double blind study in Germany really made me want to try, I’m telling anyone to do this cause no counselor or psychiatrist will ever prescribe this, I take 100mgs of it has made my voices modem barable almost gone too. I was on and off it a few times cause I really don’t want to believe I have schizophrenia but I do… I’m not trying to tell you to do it cause if I don’t want to tell anyone to take a certain medication cause i am not a doctor. Please takes this with a grain of salt. And please forgive me admins if I am not allowed to talk about this. Sorry everybody. Please just let me do my own thing.