Is zyprexa a bad drug in your opinion?


@Anna, I dont really care about the weight gain so much. I suffered so much from my illness that I can handle this still. I put already 30 kilos but now I monitor my food. Plus, in my illness I have a loss of appetite so Zyprexa doesn’t open my appetite really… Ive tried a lot of other aps and they were rather ineffective, rather with very bad side effects who made me crazier lol.
Ill hope that this one will work better one day :slight_smile:


Have you ever tried clozapine? If zyprexa doesn’t end up working out you should try it if you don’t mind weight gain. It’s supposed to work for over 90% of people w sz, even for people who no other med worked for


clozapine didn’t work on me at all. I thought I would die on it plus no improving of my symptoms. I told you anna, I am strange with the meds. I guess I have a strange illness.


Me to, I have gained no weight. In fact I am loosing it, my sleep is the best , and zyprexa I love you my life saver


Zyprexa is the first antipsychotic that I took and it failed to keep me healthy on the long term and I was feeling pretty much like a zombie with it.


Zyprexa causes some people to have weird, extrapyramidal reactions. I think it’s a bad drug. Abilify is much better tolerated by most people.


for some reason i had anhedonia on zyprexa, it was really intense. everything seemed grey for quite a while. when i got on different meds the gloom seemed to lift somewhat. the disadvantage with zyprexa is that unlike the other apines it has a longer occupancy time for d2, meaning it doesn’t allow dopamine through for much of the day, this is one of the reasons people can find it more deadening/


I’m not fond of it. Even to this day it still makes me feel sedated. Even though i take it at night, i’m sedated for half the next day.


This drug saved my life, being normal is the greatest gift


@Ashanti, you mean Zyprexa was the only one effective for you? some people say its just for an emergency cases, not long term med but its the only med which helps me so I guess ill stay on it :).


Sorry yes, I feel like me again. Thank god I don’t get any of the side
effects. So many are complaining of the weight gains.


If by bad you mean has a lot of side effects yeah it’s bad, but spoiler alert every AP has a lot of side effects. Aside from side effects it is supposed to be one of the more effective meds.

Meds are separated into 3 classes the Rips&Pips, the dones and the pines (those just refer to the ends of the names of the meds). In order of strength from least to strongest you have Rips&Pips<dones<pines, in order of least side effects to most side effects you have the same order Rips&Pips<dones<pines. Now that’s not going to be everyone’s experience but that’s the general conclusion psychologists have come to. So zyprexa is one of the stronger APs but as a consequence to that, more side effects. It’s especially known for weight gain and is the most likely to cause it along with clozapine.


I’d like to try olanzapine because my doctor offered it to me.


I am 17 years on Zyprexa…its great for mental issues but I am 5 stone over weight on it


When I was on Zyprexa I gained 60 lbs. in 120 days. I craved sugar, and I slept a lot. I would probably have gotten diabetes if I had stayed on it.


I think it helped me.

I know there is weight gain but that is usually better than suffering so immensely due to symptoms of schizophrenia.


There is nothing like a good or bad drug. Which ever drug suits you it is good for you. But Zyprexa has one serious side effect, Diabetes which can happen after long term exposure to drug.


I think that the weight gain side effect of Olanzapine or any other drug is because these drug(s) increase the appetite and make you eat more. I think if you can control your eating weight gain is not a serious side effect.


Yes I’m sure it’s about cutting down on food. Also our metabolism can slow
down, so eating is not the only problem. You can make it easier through
healthy eating and exercise


They gave it to me once in injectable form for acute psychosis in the emergency room recently. But, I’m not on it for maintenance. I remember I once gained seventy five pounds on Zyprexa years ago. Never again.