Is zyprexa a bad drug in your opinion?


I’ve been on 7.5mg olanzapine for about 10 years. I guess I’ve been lucky so far that the doctor has not flagged blood sugar rise yet. I have put on about 2 stone in this time I think. I am stable and can hold down a job. Utterly miserable sometimes but also relatively happy at others. I’m sure I could be on a better med but changing meds scares me.


oh, thanks to all for your replies :wink:
Me, I am really swollen, its obvious. Its like they bloated me with some bad chemistry… This evening I am not calm at all, I took a klonopin, sorry if I seem space… I am space right now… I am tired but cant sleep cause I dont waste a lot of energy in the day, its some state like this. I just saw this friend of mine today and I wonder of the long term effects on this med. My pdocs care about only my mental health but I am already 91 kilos. I put 30 kilos with the Zyprexa for 8 months. I even thought this evening if I can die from this med, you know-its written in its notice (’‘sudden death’’)… wow… But I am still a lot symptomatic on the sz side. I am often anxious and I have physical pains because of my psyche… ill have to ask my doc why I am swollen- the heart, water retention, some other stuff?.. I also smoke too much to be honest - 2 packs per day(40 cigaretes)… Maybe its my heart who is suffering because of the med, I am not sure.


I was on Zyprexa for about 6 months but finally had to go off of it due to it making me extremely ill, I can never take it again. It gave me metabolic syndrome and messed up my blood sugar among other things, I was deathly ill.


sounds scary dmdar… sorry… what are you on right now? and do you know if I dont have sugar on it till now, it wont happen in the future? I am taking metformine but I have to make exams to know whats my sugar is in fact…


I was on Zyprexa for a long time.It gave me two seizures so now I’m on Latuda.


It made me tired all the time so i started taking it at night only. Like kiterally i couldn’t get through the day without having to taje a nap.

I’ve gained 50 pounds on it. But currently i’m still healthy physically and i’ve been on it for over a year.

It does get hide symptoms pretty well.


I am on Clozapine right now, it has kept me out of the hospital and it has much fewer side effects than any of the other drugs. I also take sarcosine and that has had a huge impact on my positives and negatives with no side effects, the only problem is that clozapine and sarcosine cancel eachother out. I’m not sure what I’ll do, so far I have just been taking clozapine during the day and 1 dose of sarcosine at night, I am not getting enough clozapine for it to work so I will probably have to stop taking the sarcosine at some point.


I was on halperdol for awhile then switched to zyprexa, then to Saphirs or however you spell it. Last antipsychotic I was on was abilify, but now I just use an alternative (not studied) medicine which is pretty decent I sleep like a baby. But when I was on Zyprexa I gained some weight, and it was good my thoughts felt kind of fogged in my opinion but that was okay I didn’t care about it. I’m doing pretty good I feel good and healthy and I’m losing the 30 pounds I gained from eating. Peace be with you and I hope you find the right medication for you. Medicine is a waiting game for me after awhile once your mind and body get used to it they all seem to help in their own special ways.


Works well for me. Weight gain is bad but I put on most of my early weight with risperdal. Besides cholesterol, all my blood work is pretty decent. I’ve no problems being on zyprexa and have been on it for at least the last ten years.

If it works it works. Weight gain I can deal with…I’m overweight but I used to be skinny as so I can wear a bit of extra padding!

For me it’s a great drug.


@rogueone, does it get you a bit excited the Zyprexa? I started to feel a bit too excited and a bit more paranoid now that I upped my dosage. its strange but it works like this. I wonder if I should just wait to see settle down this…


zyprexa is a miracle drug for me. It keeps me from hurting myself or others. I had to go on cholesterol med. I don’t have diabetes. Even if I get it and lose a leg I am staying on it. I am a dead man off this pill. Everyone is different but I personally recommend it. I have been on this for 12 years.


@Jonathan79, can you answer my question to rogueone please? Did you find it a bit too exciting like med in the beginning of it? Cause since 2 days(after a month on a bigger dose) I am more excited and more paranoid. I start to hate that I am so dumb, I am paranoid about everything, I just sit here and I want almost to scream by fear… I just wonder how I am gonna to survive when around people, yeah :/…


I went from my average 145-152 on zyprexa and ballooned up to 170-180 ibs. I also was really tired all day, lethargic. I would sleep from 11pm-10 make coffee then sleep another hr. Tired all damn day and fat! Lol. I was only on that med for a yr


Hey Anna1…I’m pretty flat on it. I dont’ get too excited by anything these days…but I take the lowest possible dose I can which helps me deal with symptoms.

I’m not frightened by positives unless I’m stressed…then that paranoia kicks in so living lo stressed helps me no end!

I only take 10mgs of the zydis easy to dissolve under your tongue variety…on the pills I could live on 7.5mgs …but I find 10 mgs is the way to go…

Give it at least 6 weeks…that is usually a good indicator how you go…and try to get some exercise in regularly!


ok, ill give it a time. if my paranoia worsens its the Zyprexa, ill be sure… And in general, aps need more time to work than antidepressants or its the opposite in general?


Receptor occupancy is in the first 24 hours for most drugs.

Some have short half lives …so you need to dose up every 12 hours.

Zyprexa is once a day material but take it at night!

Six weeks minimum! It’s really is an art psychiatry. My American doc had two bi polar twins…what worked for one didn’t work for the other…not sure if they were identical…but tells you something!

Have faith…monitor your moods, symptoms and keep it cool! You’ll be fine! But give it at least six weeks!


ok, I see, six weeks. never tried before a dosage of 10 mg for so long. Ill monitor my paranoia, in the worst cases I have an Ativan to help me. But wont it be strange for Zyprexa to cause paranoia? probably no regarding those meds, they are strange :/…


10mgs works well for me! Give it some time and use it to work on things…do something positive everyday for fitness.

Do something everyday for health or wellbeing. I’m sure you’ll be fine. Have some faith and work hard at getting well!


Zyprexa is the worst drug that I was ever on. I gained about 35 pounds on Zyprexa. I was eating three meals a day at Village Inn and eating a candy bar every hour, and every hour through the night on Zyprexa. My eating was totally out of control. Great psych symptom control though. Even after I was off Zyprexa I kept gaining weight until I eventually reached 200 lbs. I’m 5’8" tall. That’s a BMI of 30. It took me years and years to lose all of that weight. I was obese all through my 40’s and early 50’s. In my mid 50’s I lost over 50 lbs and my BMI is now 22.5 And has stayed at that level over the past two years.


Well it’s one of the stronger antipsychotics. It tends to be effective but it’s rather unpopular because it’s one of the APs most associated with weight gain so it can really make a person pack on pounds.