Is your Psychiatrist male or Female

My pdoc is male. He’s very sweet. I think he may be younger than me.

I’ve never had a female doctor.

What made you switch pdocs? @Om_Sadasiva

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female. she is a good listener.

All my doctors were females except for one. The current psychiatrist is a woman and she’s pretty good.

Old man from Korea. He’s the best one I’ve ever had and I’ve had some bad ones.


My female pdoc couldn’t handle me.
I was treatment resistant and she wasn’t comfortable with high doses.
I already had seen my second pdoc, for a second opinion. So she said keep on seeing this pdoc instead of me

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I couldn’t vote! Mines male and he’s good. Top shelf.

Old enough to see the end of the institutions and young enough to see the newer meds. Great guy and appreciate him immensely!

My current pdoc is male. I’m trying to switch though because he keeps forgetting to refill my medication and I am tired of asking the pharmacy for an emergency supply.

I’m between pdoc’s at the moment but my three in hospital two were female and one male. My private pdoc I used to see was female. She was one of the best ones I had. Another of my best pdoc’s years ago was male. I don’t have a preference for male or female but as a female I do prefer one of my own gender.

I’ve only had one pdoc – and she’s female. I think she’s of Indian descent

I am thinking to make an appointment with my ex pdoc and tell her my progress ever since I left her. And I need to tell her that I hear her voice. Should I do it or not?

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Yes you need a second opinion on the doses you taking.

You not someones experiment!!!

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