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Is your psychiatrist conservative?


My psychiatrist is very conservative when it comes to medication management and prescribing.
She wont put me on a typical AP because of the TD and EPS risks.
She also wont place me on 2 different APs or Mood stabilizers.

A very straight forward by the book doctor.

Is your pdoc conservative? or more progressive? Taking more risks.
Id like to know. :slight_smile:


That sounds good for you. I feel the same with my doctors. They are very calculated.


Yes. I think conservative is good. We need to stop playing doctor.


The short answer to your question is : conservative


I only had one good dr that got me on all the medicine that ever worked and continues to work years later (he died I think). Good drs are hard to come by


My first one made me try many different meds, the last one is very conservative.


yes I think mine is conservative. I really like her.


i wont call him progressive but
i hope he change the typical antipsychotic i take one day
but they are really powerful against the disease


I’ve a good progressive doctor. He listens to you and if you want to change to get better function he’s always been one to let you try it. I’ve done that a bit…sometimes to benefit…mostly not but it’s important to me to have input into my treatment.

My doc started in the institutions and moved into the days of the atypicals. I think that gives him some decent understanding at what the problems are and he’s a nice guy to boot. He’s very much in demand but still just bulk bills me so I see him for free. I just wait ages as he’s always late!


If by “conservative” you mean “doesn’t make me tolerate side effects” then my doc is very conservative. She is quick to call in new doseages if I report any problems. When I was gaining weight, she even told me she would switch my meds if I couldn’t get back down to a healthy level again. I appreciate that she doesn’t make me suffer through a terrible med. the second I report a problem, she makes an adjustment.


I’ve literally only seen my current Pdoc once because of a change in the way the community clinic does scheduling. It’s so bad. I have to wait until a certain date when I have to call to make an appointment. And then every time I call they tell me my doctor won’t be available for 3 weeks so they try sticking me with someone else. I told them this time I want to see my doctor because I like something about that guy. I don’t know what it is yet but that’s why I like to see the guy over the other ones.

too long didn’t read - I don’t know but I like something about them


Ultra conservative

“No we’re not reducing your dose until next year.”

"No I’m not precribing you codeine. "

Gosh what a bore :wink:


lol Yeah mines the same way @turtle.
What a bore is right! :smile:


She does not like risks. She is by the book.

Unfortunately I came to her on a lot of medication from living abroad and have 2 diagnosis not just sz but she has been working with me on coming off some medication. One being diazepam. And I’m so greatful for that and I was able to stop qutiapine pils and go onto an injection. However I stopped qutiapine myself. She probably would have done it very very slowly. That is how she is.

I’m almost off diazepam now and I could have been off it by the end of he year I’m on a low dose but because of the medication switch in my last appointment she wants to leave it for now. This has frustrated me. Yep

She is by the book. Nothing happens on her watch


Crazy in the UK you can get co codamol over the counter. That has codeine in it. But not sure if it’s the same strength as what would be prescribed.


Mine is somewhat progressive. Likes to experiment with me when I complain about meds. Is very interested in me getting therapy. He takes my concerns seriously whereas his overseer just thinks I’m doing “better than ever” and dismisses my problems.


I just read some of my medical/psychiatry records, he wasn’t very nice to me, and now I know for sure he never listened to me, and has actually lied about things he said I said. I also know why they don’t like to let you get your records.
I want to know why they can say anything they want and it becomes “Factual.”


You can get it over the counter here in Australia until Feb next year when it goes on prescription. I was just having a bit of an old joke!


Oh ok lol. I get you now.


Nope my p doc is liberal with changing meds. But conservative politically.