Is your mind, body, and spirit in harmony?

I feel like mine have been all disjointed. Like, I’ve been in fear of all of them, dissociating one from the other. Like, only one has been functioning at a time.

yes, but I never got into meditation, did you?

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I tried a little, but didn’t stick to it. I know it can help. Maybe I was doing it wrong.

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No, too much pressure in the head. Blocks my good emotions.

It’s not pain anymore thankfully, but a dull pressure that annoys me.

I hear ya on the imbalance thing. I feel like life would be a lot more pleasant with balance.

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I meditate, pray, do yoga, practice piano, and attend Mass. So, my body, mind and spirit are all in total harmony.

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Mine seem to be all working in a strange harmony - all working against my soul.

Mind- nope.
Body- nope (probably never)
Spirit- kind of; my religious life supports me deeply, so yes.

Even if I could get all my 10 lbs of shiit stuffed in my 5 lb sock, I still wouldn’t be able to pick it up.

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