Is your hygiene ALWAYS bad when you are psychotic?ñ

In the past when I’ve been unwell my hygiene has been bad. This time my hygiene isn’t perfect but I bathe everyday and try to change my clothes and wash them but with nurses prompting. (Even though I don’t believe I’m psychotic like pdoc does but that’s part of the reason why I don’t think I am too. )

My question to you is do ALWAYS have bad hygiene in an episode or not? What about when you are well?

Not always, sometimes yes.

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I have pretty extreme water phobias anyway,

So even if I’m a little weird that day, a shower is not happening.

When I’m well,

I bathe every other day.

When I’m not,

I could go about eight days before my husband starts threatening to contact medical professionals.



Yes I have been weeks witHouten showers when I was real bad. Had people tell me I smelt all the time but I didn’t really care.

My psychologist thought I had some sort of tactIle thing going on but it’s gone away. I used to feEl like shower water was piercing my skin.

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It will get bad when I’m high-functioning if I don’t schedule reminders in my apps.

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My hygiene gets bad when I am drinking heavily. At one time I was always sweating out alcohol and not showering, and I looked greasy. I’m glad those days are over.

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I’m opposite. I’ll shower 5 times a day but when I’m really depressed I’ll wear the same clothes for weeks at a time and brushing my teeth is too uncomfortable. Icky I know. JADIH

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No my hygiene is good!

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That’s good @Nic_the_mountain

Loss of function in the danger sign.

You stop doing the little things that is a pretty good indicator that your struggling with something!


Hygiene is never something iv struggled with because when I’m having a bad day it’s usually fatigue and lack of feeling good about myself. A shower always helps. I shower every day

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