Is (working) attitude that important?

I’ve heard of employers preference over candidate who possess right working attitude. “Hire for attitude, train for skill”.
To sustain a job, employees must also have doing the right thing right attitude. “Effectiveness and Efficiency”.

For the labor sector, isn’t it more important for workers to mind their own business and carry out duty? Physical strength definitely plays an exceptional role. Attitude is less important then.

It seems to be considered important.

I don’t know how many job ads I’ve seen saying they are looking for “upbeat, positive, team oriented” people to do thankless low paying work.

Asking a bit much I think?

Sounds like the advertiser hunts for public relation officer. :question:

I feel a good attitude is very useful in any job. I’ve worked with people with bad attitudes. They get by but I find a good attitude helps me work harder and get noticed. It has helped me several times. The complainers get noticed too but I don’t need that type of attention.

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Sometimes attitude can be more important. Ex: When I started at my last job, as temporary data entry, I did not know the skills needed for the job I ended up with in that company. Attitude can mean a lot of things, good and bad. My attitude was ‘teach me’ and I will do my best to do it… My attitude was ‘if I don’t know I will do my best to find the answer’ and I did. My attitude was ‘everyone deserves to be treated with respect’ & ‘give me more responsibility and I will try to handle it’ and I eventually became office manager/manager of finance. I didn’t know how to use the accounting software. I learned the skills as I was doing them. Skills can be taught if you have the right attitude that says you are willing to learn. At times my boss would ask me how to do things in the accounting software as we were both self-taught. Google became my best friend :smile: Also part of attitude is how you get along with co-workers. It doesn’t matter how skilled you are if a negative attitude, in fact an employee would be more willing to work with someone on learning skills if they have the right attitude. I know when I started hiring people that I looked at more then just their job skills as they can be learned. I looked for and asked questions on how they interacted with people as they needed to fit in with a diverse group. We had a lot of different nationalities and personalities so someone who was prejudice or couldn’t handle sometimes frazzled managers wasn’t going to make it :smile:


I understand better now from your description. You are good enough to have the right attitude.

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I feel life started turning around for me when I started improving my attitude. When I was more patient and accepting. No one wants hostility in the work place.

I think it was my attitude to do what ever it took get better that got me accepted into some of the programs I’ve had a chance to be in.