Is very offending, and may trigger. be warned

look at google words/sentences suggestions…
for proof i made a screencapture, what i got
too test it for yourself, might get different results? Type in ( schizophrenics) into google search

found the topic of the google suggestion on a other website concerning schizophrenia

so i typed it myself wondering if the same suggestions popped up.
i dont think im paranoid… well

Nope. I got different suggestions. Google personalizes their searches I believe. The more you search a specific topic, the more it narrows it down. My results were about how people with schizophrenia relate to society, and “delusions of grandeur” and smoking. Which is kind of weird.

I just think it’s spooky how internet cookies track browsing histories and index people for advertising, but also snooping. Not to make anyone paranoid but it’s common knowledge now that information online is just not private.

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In regards to “should be killed.” I just group people who write that into my enemies who are bigots and cowards. I consider them as the reason why we have hero’s like my grandfathers who fought in WWII to keep ideas like that from spreading and the people who espouse them from breathing.

Ok. I missed the point of this thread, but if I’d found a website about it that is what I’d think of it.

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I got: can tickle themselves :heart:

I’m pretty sure it is based on past searched items so looking for a trend is probably not a good idea.

ok, really weird i have never ever wrote something like that

here is the orginal thread, that made me search.
i am the orginal thread

ok, delete your cookies, and internet history…

what do you get now?

I don’t think I’ve ever searched can tickle themselves :smile: So a pretty good indication that whatever Google is using it probably shouldn’t be taken as meaning anything to important.

Here’s what i got.

i got sz then the words; good looking , genius, good dresser, talented, all round good guy…i could go on !
take care


Wow isn’t that really strange that our Google searches are all coming up different? Mine said Schizophrenics Anonymous, And Smoking, In Society.


I typed schizophrenics sh and then it said “should be killed”.

It also said should be locked up.

And shamans of course.

That’s what mine said. They shouldn’t have anything about being killed searched in google. But google isn’t moderated or censored. This topic does raise the theme of violence toward people with schizophrenia. I’ll try and find some good articles on the subject.

thats what mine said too

-and smoking
-in society
-in prison

I now use now. It is not monitered by the NSA and they don’t put tracking cookies in your browser and they don’t keep your ip address.
Use it!

in regards to the schizophrenics should be killed…that is mesed up so badly. I’m not schizophrenic, but that is offensive even to me…

thanks for me its not the first time i got unusual term suggestions from google.

i tried too post my findings at google contact, and got lost…
maybe google should have google maps@google maps for these kinda issue`s

ok it seems only on my chrome browser, which has 4 suggestions.
the other browser dont have it, they only have 3 suggestions

yet with chrome i deleted the cache, and still got it…
i am now abonding google and chrome, which is all from the same maker…
i dont think i am paranoid

I got different results, here they are:

But when You add “are” to “schizophrenics” you get this:

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