Is vacation stressful for you?

Its not technically vacation,

But I’ve agreed to house-sit for a friend that lives in absolute paradise.

My husband and dogs are coming so I wouldn’t be alone or anything,

I’m just nervous about being out of my routine,

It sucks that I can’t even enjoy vacation because of anxiety and a need for everyday to basically be the same.

Does anyone else have this problem?


BIG TIME. I find going to the shops stressful, so going on holiday is like mega-stressful! Routine is my saviour too. What helps me is just accepting that for the duration of the vacation, the routine will be blown to pieces, and I will just try my best to develop my own mental routine in whatever way I can. That helps, as well as time for preparation. I can’t emphasise that last point enough - give yourself time. Don’t end up rushing.


I never go anywhere, stresses me out, Travel would drive me up the wall and when I got to where ever, I would just want to come home


Nevermind vacation, I have issues going to the store. I’m a bit odd in that I’m less stressed about going to faraway places, than I am about where I’m at.

I’ve had mixed results from travelling (for what little travelling I’ve done.) Destination wedding of my youngest sister was the worst in recent memory. I had to stay in a hotel and of course there was the ceremony. The effort to stay reasonably well through all of that was heroic. But if I’m going to be taking meds for keeping myself stable, they had better work, and I didn’t want to disappoint my sister.

This house sitting thing sounds like fun to me though, especially when you have company. Just be glad your husband and pets are there, and try to enjoy their company if nothing else is fun about the place you’re going. I hope you enjoy it. Travel really can be a drag, but I hope you have a good journey.


it is a little stressful…it disrupts my normal routines.


I find it challenging but not too difficult. Last time I went was to visit relatives in China. There were lots of social activities and by the time I got back I was pumped to try out something more challenging like a job. But I decided against it and started day treatment instead… Anyways I think going out of your routine helps with negative thinking and anxiety.


yeah, it is stressful. I really like to stick to my routine, sleep in my bed. And any change in my routine makes me so grumpy with symptoms.

Try looking at the positive side of things to overcome the anxiety I guess.


I went on a few vacations a while back when I was off meds. One time I tried to stay home, but ended up going. I was so confused I didn’t pack any changes of clothing, so I just wore what I already had on for 4-5 days. Wasn’t so bad, at least I showered everyday. Other times I was ready and happy to go. Had a great time. My voices tended to be at their worst at home and other places where it had accumulated over time. When I travelled, I was busy and didn’t really notice much because it was new territory. Thought I left them all back home.

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Going to an airport is extremely stressful to me, yes. I try to find an airport escort to take me by wheelchair to my gate, if possible, in a big international airport. Some airlines provide that service for us old folks over 55.


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