Is this worth trying?

I’m on 7.5mg zyprexa, I’m not sure if 5mg is enough, but I was maybe thinking about trying to take 5mg every other day, so I alternate between 5mg and 7mg. In practice that’s basically like going down 1.25mg daily in total, instead of 2.5mg down if you take 5mg every day.

You’re supposed to take Zyprexa every day

What I mean is I take 5mg one day 7mg the next, 5mg the next, and so on.

I think you’re supposed to take the same dose every day. Talk to your pdoc about it

Dont make up your own doses

Not a good idea to decide that without your pdocs agreement. Ask them first

Thats a rollercoaster.

I’m doing 6,25mg zyprexa daily right now and have been so for a month. I take one 5mg pill and then I have a pill cutter to cut a 2.5mg pill. There is a huge difference for me since taking 7.5mg gives me restless legs at night, while a slight reduction to 6.25 stops this from happening.

I have a deal with my doctor that I can regulate the dose I take myself within reasonable limits. Maybe you can speak to your doctor about this too. But if you are supposed to take 7.5mg, I doubt there is any big risk dropping the dose to 6.25mg which is slightly less, as long as you are aware to monitor yourself for symptoms.

it will round up to 6 as APs work by accumulation.