Is this what normal is like?

After having been on Latuda 80 mg for a couple of months, my voices are gone. The one I believed was satan (with all my heart I was sure of this) is gone and the other voices inside my head are gone too. I’m scared if I try to listen to see if they are there that they will come back.

Its wierd. My mind has quieted down so much. The voices are not real. They don’t belong to spirit people. Does this make me an athiest now? I am so scared it will all come back. Is this what normal people think like?

I don’t know what to do now. How long will this last? Anyone else got this?


Are all your symptoms gone? If so you are very lucky I wish mine were gone as well.

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i went through this about a year and a half ago.

for a while it felt too quiet. and i would always be checking if the voices were there. then i almost missed them.
now im finally used to it.

ive had minor glitches of voices for like 10 minutes at a time every few months. very rarely but nothing close to what it used to be.

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when they arent there I look for them also the screwed up thing is that I miss them sometimes.

Is this what normal people think like?

I’ve never heard voices, but have schizophrenia. I was however aware of my own thoughts, and now on abilify my mind is quiet, I too wonder if this is what it’s like for normal people.

I have no idea if “normal” even exists


I don’t think so. Sz(genes) have changed how you think. Even voices gone, you are still not normal.

It took me probably a year to year and half to get used to not hearing voices. I’d listen to every noise and have to question if it was real or not and they were always real. Plus it was lonely without my 2 nice voices. But such a relief without the mean and command ones. I’m still scared it will come back but I know that my ap and ad’s are doing their job so I must continue to take them. Once in a while I do hear noises like clicking and tappings and music but they are fleeting and if I don’t dwell on it/ruminate about it I can go on with my day.

My advice is to stay busy doing something to keep your mind from dwelling on this. Pick up a hobby.


It has been so long since I have heard anything I do not know If I can speculate… I haven’t experienced negative voices before so I guess from my point of view if you are not experiencing any that is above average and if you are experiencing some positive that is OK but if you experience negative and cannot control your thoughts over the voices that is a pretty low state. I don’t think you are atheist because you don’t hear Satan… Unless you need to be terrified into having a belief system.