Is this true?

Yea that didn’t help for sure given that I have sz genes.


That’s crazy. I still think it’s caused mostly by abusive people.


ive never looked at the family forum. I dont think I will.

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Tbh I just really can’t be asked to go on there

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I used to post articles therer. I haven’t done so for quite a while.


It sickens me how common this sentiment is on the family forum. It truly feels like they see us as lesser.

Considering the death of your child to be better than them living is disturbing to say the least.

Like your child is still alive. They are a person with thoughts and feelings. I understand it’s hard but ffs death is way worse.

Death is the end there’s no hope or chance of happiness or improvement from that. There is no forward. It’s just the end.

What the ■■■■ is wrong with these people.


They’re desperate and often feel cornered by life. They’re not reacting in a way they’d be proud of if they were in a better place. Just leave them be. They have their side of the fence and we have ours, better if the twain ne’er mix.


Even when I was at my lowest I never wanted the death of people I care about. Desperate or not it’s still not right and super ■■■■■■ up.

Agree. But what is needed is support and compassion. Hoping people from our side won’t swoop in there and pick fights, won’t be any winners.

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I ain’t gonna pick any fights with them. But as far as I’m concerned they are the lowest scum on this planet.

Compassion for them would be a waste

I think the family forum is a good example of how rare this forum truly is. Most mental health forums get like that. They become an echo chamber of everyone’s worst thoughts. We get posts like that occasionally, but the folks here are pretty quick to redirect pity parties and offer hope. I am very proud of our community. Usually, we get a post once a month or so from someone in a very dark place. They are quickly offered support and resources, and any really dangerous posts are flagged and removed usually within an hour. We are the statistical outlier in support forums, not them.


Death is not the end if it was then there is no point in living life. As when a child is born its certain they would die some day and there is no point in anything. Also this after life matter gives us hope to live even if there is suffering in this world.

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Yes, afterlife gives me hope. Its one of the reasons I stopped killing myself.

Regardless of after life or not my point is if this life ends there is no taking it back.

If you die that is the end of this life.

The friends and family still living can no longer talk to you, do things with you, or anything other than mourn the loss of you.

In conclusion death is worse than an sz diagnosis


Thats true. I not mean its better to die than living with sz. Its not just sz even in normal life too. Consider met with accident and unable to live like before. Another is old age people, they hardly able to function and still living. Sufferings is there and can come in different ways but need to accept and live with it rather than murder self.

That happened to me. I got a TBI and lost the ability to read, walk, and speak clearly. Rather than killing myself overit, I worked on getting better. And I surprised everyone by actually doing so.


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