Is this true?

No one want their children to get sz or other chronic diseases that might be the reason why some say so. Even i hear my parents and siblings telling that they not want their children to become like me. They think that its our fault that we got this illness. They are lucky to not have this, if they got this they might have lived much worse than us and they never think of this fact.

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That is because they see a lot of us having taken drugs that they believe precipitated sz.

The jury is still out on that one, but if it came to light that trauma and genetics were the main reason sz occurs; and that drug taking is as a result of childhood trauma was the main reason people who go on to develop sz took drugs it might educate them.

At the moment it seems that the drug rhetoric allows for blaming the victim, rather than themselves with bad parenting/supervision or their own genetics.

For example, there is a link between having sz and coeliac disease and it is not widely known by szs or by the parents. How many of us have had a 23andme test to find out they carry one of the two coeliac genes and run a higher risk of having and developing coeliac disease?

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I haven’t taken any drugs and I got sz. Severe too.


I have not taken any drug, no alcohol, no smoke nothng still i have negative symptoms from a very early age. Genetics have a major role in most chronic diseases. My grandfather got schizo and yes he was a heavy smoker.


There are two main scientifically proved factors in the increasing chance of getting sz which I have noted in your case @Aziz

  1. Simply being an immigrant to a foreign country raises the chances significantly.

  2. Being a child in a war zone.

You didn’t need to take drugs to help trigger sz, even if it is supposed that those who take drugs and develop sz would have developed it anyway.

@pr21 I didn’t say you did. I said a lot of us have. You can also tell my bias is that I don’t believe drugs cause sz. I favour the genetics and trauma theory.


Yes many using drugs, nicotine, alcohol etc to mitigate schizo symptoms.

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Also luck is another factor as some siblings get away from it and some get it.

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I wish schizo and other severe chronic disease carrying parents never marry or at least not make children as there is a high chance to pass the faulty genes to their children and to their grand children.

Also since its chronic progressing disease no use of studying and other efforts all going to become waste.

Mine is purely genetic. Why are my brothers not schizophrenic and they had those too? They’re making over 100 000$/year university degree, have girlfriends, lots of friends, etc

Brothers don’t have carbon copies of your genes. We are each unique and the environmental factors may have affected you differently.

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Exactly, I believe genes are the biggest factors. Wikipedia says SZ is 70-80% genetic.

Why am I a coeliac and my brothers aren’t? Genetics play a massive role, but trauma is significant too when it comes to sz. The straw that broke the camel’s back.

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I agree trauma worsens any illness but I don’t have any trauma, my parents were always there for me emotionally and financially. I am lucky to have such parents, others would have put me out of their house.

my peer tutor at a recovery college believes that all mental illness is due to some sort of trauma

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I know everyone is different, but I’ve been through many traumatic events at all stages of my life including serious head injuries, for me I’m convinced it’s trauma based, but from what my mom tells me my dad was in and out of mental health hospitals and may have had it but was unmedicated or something so I have the genetic side too. I think @Aziz posted this a while ago that being born premature increases sz risk which I was and he was too.

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It is incredible that you don’t believe growing up in a war zone isn’t traumatic.

And plus being an immigrant increases the chances of sz by 2.9 times.‐analysis%20of%20Cantor,than%20were%20native‐born%20subjects.

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I think they just have stats to go by but in actual fact no one knows exactly what causes sure there’s risks but that doesnt exactly say what causes it diabetic we know exactly what part of the pancreas is affected not so for schizophrenia

Take the things you read over there with a grain of salt. Keep in mind that the people in this community are probably in the upper 20% of those with the illness. A lot of the folks in the family forum are coping with SZs on the lower rungs of the ladder and that’s why the desperation. Don’t take it personally.

Also, speaking as a parent, there’s a chance my daughter could get SZ, she’s still young enough. If that happens, I will 100% have her back through it until my own end if need be. If you’re not willing to run into a burning building for your kid then you have no business having one.


I didn’t grow up in a war zone. I don’t know where you got that info. I came to Canada in 2000 before any war.


Sorry for my misinformation.

Being an immigrant alone raises the chances of sz for some reason or other…