Is this too unusual or just normal unusual

About 6 years before hallucinations started I started believing weird things like that there’s an angel with me and comparing myself to updated versions of people in the bible and so on so forth.

Reading stories in the bible and seeing which characters I symbolise. Is that just normal or…
Also I withdrew a lot from people.
And social phobia around all sorts of people.
I have to add that my parents gave us a religious upbringing too.

Does this sound very weird like the prodromal phase to hallucinations or are there many people like that.
I actually am not sure


When I was prodromal, I worried about Bible prophecy a lot, to the point that I thought it applied to me somehow.

I am much better and level headed now, and don’t think of that very much anymore.

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How long did your prodromal phase last.

I can’t remember clearly. I got worse and worse from 2011 on until I was hospitalized in 2013. So, 2 years maybe.

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Glad you are feeling better :slight_smile:

What do you think about the paleo diet, have you heard of it?

Thank you! Hope you get well also.

Paleo diet is miserable. Raises insulin resistance and cholesterol levels, and makes diabetes worse.

How does it raise insulin resistance is it due to the fat from the food

Do you have any reliable sources for that

I have a blog post by a trainer who tried keto for 2 months and almost developed type 2 diabetes. Give me a few min.


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It’s interesting to read that those who believe in the keto diet think 75 percent of daily energy from fat is healthy. Very controversial

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There’s a lot of weird stuff inside anyone’s brain, unfortunately, schizophrenia brings it out and makes it too obvious.

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When did you halusitations start?

Are you talking to me?

Mine started in 2016

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