Is this the start of a book or long poem

I honestly am not sure.i like it much. But I keep thinking I can tweak it into something.

There he was
Silently walking down
The beaten path of snow.
Shoulders slightly bent
But face forward
Maybe a sense of determination
Under the cataracts that
Threatened to take the last bit of light
From his deep grey eyes.
Though His coat hung
Like a blanket over him
It was easy to see this was quality
Not anything picked up
At the local thrift shop.
And his shoes had quite obviously
Been shined just today.
They glimmered against the fallen snow.
He carried his hat in his gloved hands.
A felt fedora. Grey to match his eyes.
The wisps of hair on his head
Danced around in the cool breeze.
His gait was slow yet steady
Not faltering. Stable. Even strong.
He at the same time
Seemed to be heading somewhere
And yet in no rush to get anywhere.
He didn’t appear happy or grave.
Neither content or ill at ease.
One wouldn’t feel anything in particular
About this man.
Just another passerby to nod to
On the way to the market.


I like it. You have a nice writing technique that paints a great picture. Nice read.

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She is amazing writer no?

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Thank you @TheVoices and @Jonnybegood

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I like your voice, I can picture that man

Thanks I enjoyed writing this even though it’s different from my usual stuff

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