Is this social anxiety part of schiz?

You know I do work. I’m fine talking to my close circle of co workers but new people and big groups of people I just can’t do. I went to dinner with a few people two weeks ago. They were all talking and I sat there saying nothing and looking stupid. I felt awkward. I have a party coming up. Colleagues are going. 90 other people from same building are going. Some of their partners are going. But I’m definitely not going. I don’t do parties and you know what I used to be fine with it. But it’s not socially acceptable and I do feel I’m going to look bad by going which is why I agreed to it in the first place.

Hi I hope you dont get pressured into doing something you would rather avoid,
Good luck with your decision
Cheers kate xxx

Hey, you said something key- you said you can handle one or two people at once. You’re maybe just introverted. It’s how energy is managed. Some people gain energy from social interaction and have lots of acquaintances and friends and hate being alone, some prefer “me time” and fewer, closer friends.

Maybe social anxiety. Do you get anxious or just tired from lots of people? If anxious, then yeah, social anxiety.

And social anxiety really is better explained by schizophrenia. We are neurologically aroused in a bad way and paranoid a lot of the time. Be often feel persecuted (feel like we are victims) which makes us avoid people.

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I was diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder as well as sz, so I don’t know if they come as a pair or not? I freak out before social events. What I have given myself permission to do is to make my own decision. And I can make the decision as close to the event as I want. If I do decide to go, then I set a limit on the time. I only have to stay 45 minutes, or however long I want. I can use the restroom to escape if I need to twice during that time. I can stp outside if that’s an option. So, my point is that I make a plan. Either I don’t go and that’s going to be caring for myself, or I go with a plan to care for myself in the situation. You haven’t done anything wrong either way, so please don’t punish yourself. Take good care of yourself :heart:

Sometimes it’s better just to say you’ll go and then skip those things.

If asked just say, I had an intimate affair to attend or I got a better offer to jet off to Hawaii.

Keep them guessing and off guard.