Is this sleep schedule ok?

Hi guys,it’s been a long time since I posted and participate here.I have been doing ok in life,working hard and trying to recover as well as possible even though many people said to me that I will not be 100%.I am still on Olanzapine 5mg daily taken at night,around 8pm daily.My question is I sleep like 11:30-12am daily after taking melatonin,but I can sleep for 9-10hrs nightly and wake up 9am.My target is to wake up at 8,but I kept on snoozing.I am happy that I slept before 12am,but not so happy that I didn’t wake up at around 8am


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Probably have to go to bed earlier. They say the best sleep schedule is 10pm-6am. But you probably like staying up late.

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I can’t sleep too early because I worked until 10pm,drive back,rest a abit then sleep.Luckily,I uses melatonin and it helps me fall asleep faster

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to me your sleep schedule sounds ok… i get up 09:06 and go to sleep between 22:00 and 23:00… so i sleep a bit more than you i think.

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Wait until you are 50 years old.

Every day you wake up, it feels like you slept on a fire hydrant the night before.


I used to stay up late when I was single,I played games and it’s hard to fall asleep if you stay up late always