Is this schizophrenia?

Every time I pass by people I hea them telling me things like how Im gonna commit suicide, how we should start the movement, am I interprating wrong what they say?

I just want to know that im not in something demonic and its just schizophrenia.


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Oh you schizo alright

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If you suspect that it’s schizophrenia then you should go to your family doctor and they’ll take care of the rest.

We can’t really diagnose you here as we’re not doctors.

But it does sound like you’re hearing things that aren’t there in reality.


I walked around with this affliction for some time. Not a good place to be, lots of paranoia.

Speak to a doctor. If these sorts of things go on for a long period of time, you might find other things might come into play, and you don’t want that.

Untreated psychosis is not good at all.

Not saying that’s what you have, but I can relate to this specific experience very strongly, as I had it for years.

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This has been happening for two years now, it hasn’t stopped. At first it felt like I had some sort of superpower.

Im taking medicine the voices just wont go away, and its actual people im hearing. When I turn around and watch them they dont tell me anything to my face. The voices are mostly about death

What are you taking if you don’t mind me asking?

Also are you saying you’ve been diagnosed with schizophrenia?

Im taking aripiprazol sertralina and risperidona, their all mexican named medicines(im in mexico)

Yes I have a year ago or so


Risperidone and abilify are good meds. I’m sorry that you’re still hearing things. But all you can do is let your doctor know that you’re still hearing things.

They might increase the dose or even try another medicine.


Welcome to the forum!!! You need to report it to your doctor so they can try to help you more. You may need a different dose or different meds.


When I was psychotic/unmedicated and studying in Germany, ppl’s voices talked to me in German even when I was alone and no one was in my room. I also had erotomania.

Welcome. Sounds like a psychotic order of some sort, but only a real doctor can diagnose you and tell you what you have and perhaps why you have it. Please get medical treatment as soon as you can, the sooner you are treated the more likely you are to have a more positive outcome.

It may be psychotic symptoms. The sz diagnosis usually happens if you have the symptoms for atleast 6 months. Or whatever the psychiatrist decides

I’m glad you’re talking about it. By interacting with others on the board, I myself have found I’ve gained a bit more perspective on my illness. If nothing else, I don’t feel on my own anymore

Yeah thats what I think it is, I mean its everywhere I go, people tell me stuff as if they actually said it. Ive watched them and they actually say it.

Stuff like “death will leave him” “he’s a curse”

welcome to the forum @NotInHere

you gotta talk to your pdoc like others said.

What doses of meds are you on?


I’m on 2 mg Risperidona Sertralina 50 mg and aripiprazol 15 mg

I feel like im made of plastic and my brain is gonna stop functioning any moment. Im gonna cut back on sertralina and aripiprazol.

I dont know what to do, i have an appointment with the doc in 1 month. It literally feels like im dead

I just read about Cotard delusion, I might have that.

It all started when I went to that Marine recruitment meeting, well I think I wasnt all there before. I felt like I was being kept hostage, i even told the Officer that after 25 years your prime was over, I dont even know why I said that(that comes to play after I hear a couple say “he did say your prime was over after 25 years old” months later after my meeting) I didnt get to finish their assesment test, I didnt wanna be there so I told the officer no thanks. After that I remember one day I was working my head started to hurt like hell, I went home. My sister told me they had taken like 20 guys from where I was original born(Mexico) and killed them, I told her it was my fault, I thought the marines had plotted that due to me not wanting in there recruitment meeting.

The same say I went to the recruitment meeting I got a call late at might, I got paranoid. After that Ive seen weird things, I once saw an old Lady smelling the air after we passed her in my car, smiling, looked like a witch.

All I can tell you was that after that meeting, it felt like I had made a deal with the dévil. I felt like I was a witch, I dont know how the brain works so bare with me, my mind visualized murder, past occurances of my childhood, my dead mother etccc… people tell me I have brain regressed and so have they

see how its all about death
Even now they call me a creature, a witch, a base, not human, something people live off of. Actual people telling me that

They tell me the massacre is going to start after I die.

After all ive typed I have mánaged to live 2 years, mainly because I talk to the voices, I felt like I had a superpower, a bad one. Ive cursed at people in my inner vice, said many terrible things to people I know.

It feels like if I dont talk to the voices im going to die, what can I do.

One more thing, ever since that Ive had dreams every night about the weirdest things, every night. Is that normal? Or my brain percieves them as dreams idk

When I look at people they look surreal, I feel like I have a connection with everyone in the world. Voices make me believe I have no family imo

Talk with your Dr, maybe he can up your Risperdal to 4mg. Its more effective than Abilify from my experience. I am on 4mg Risperdal.

Thanks, so far I haven’t had any luck with the medicine, I still hear peoples voices.

Maybe upping the dose will help, I have only recently taken Risperdal, for about 4-6 days

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