Is this Schizophrenia?

So, I don’t hear voices, have visual/auditory hallucinations or cognitive deficits.;

What I experienced was a series of odd behaviours and mannerisms before I was put on anti-psychotic medication.

I left my flat one day, and discovered I could not walk back. I felt an outside force stop me from moving. I ended up staying in the streets for two weeks. I used to stand on street corners, feeling stuck and unable to move, running through a commentary in my head with what felt like an outside force

It felt like I was trying to solve a puzzle with a demon. I did things like walk a certain distance, then stop, stare into space and repeat. Although I didn’t see things that other people didn’t see, I saw energies - for example certain roads or paths had a portal like energy, and I was afraid to walk down them.

In my head I felt I had been setup by the flat owners and that’s why I couldn’t return, and I had to fight against demonic forces in order to return

When I took Depixol antipsychotic all of this disappeared, but I noticed I experienced a complete lack of pleasure, and there was a sensation I was feeling in the middle of my forehead where the third eye is located

Strange thing is I never hear voices or see things. All of the above has now stopped since I’m on an AP but my motivation and feelings of pleasure are nowhere near before

In terms of functioning, I can concentrate but sometimes I feel ‘stuck’ and I’m also very restless.

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See ur pdoc as soon as possible…

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That sounds very scary.

What diagnosis did the doctor that gave you the anti-psychotics give you?

They diagnosed me with schizophrenia but I feel I cannot relate to others with the condition especially since I’ve never heard voices, I do however, relate to the fact that I’m no longer the person I used to be - I’ve felt a decrease in my level of functioning


Several people on the forum do not experience voices or hallucinations,

I do,

But lots of members don’t.

Maybe the label doesn’t matter as much as the treatment.

Talk to your doctor about the lowered functioning and feeling restless,

There may be other medication options for you.

How long ago was this incident?


This incident took place in May 2017. Towards the end of May I was admitted to psychiatric ward and given Depixol (Flupenthixol)

I’ve had similar experiences before May 2017 for months at a time

Hi, your description is compatible with schizophrenia, you can also read the symptoms here and see if you relate to them.

The spectrum is wide so there can be many differences between one schizophrenic and another one.

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I’m currently on Aripiprazole and Sertraline, and I am thinking of asking my Doc to add Amisulpride low dose as a few clinical trials have shown it’s effective at treating negative symptoms

@ajassat once upon a tome I was on the exact combination… do you experience night sweats?

Yes I get mild night sweats mainly chest and back area

I also feel a strange ‘electric’ like sensation in my legs and middle of forehead which causes discomfort. Most of all, I just can’t shrug this ‘stuck’ feeling that I have

How would you define “stuck”? @ajassat

Well I’m sitting on the couch with my laptop replying to your posts, and I feel I’m unable to initiate a new task or carry on watching videos from the recently held World Economic Forum.

I have research that I want to do BUT I can’t initiate or get started - like there is something stopping my mind and body from carrying it out

Your discriptipn of stuck sounds identicle to what I experienced, I am completely sympathetic to your plight. It is good that you recognise this, what worked for me may not be suitable or successful for you. But I think you should speak to your psychiatrist


If you are taking any recreational drugs I would stop immediately and never use them again.

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