Is this schizophernia?

my main question is, does anyone have words come into their heads from seemingly out of nowhere ? i will be sitting (or laying) there and there will be words or phrases popping into my head. i dont actually hear them in the sense of an actual auditory experience, but if you could imagine hearing someone’s voice (like think about someone you know talking), then that’s what it’s like. Could it be schizophernia? I’m scared


Hi, for how long has that been happening. I can’t diagnose you but I’d def mention it to a psychiatrist n see wat they say.

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2 days now. I don’t know if it’s my anxiety or maybe i was tired…

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Sounds like daydreaming, to be honest. But it might signal something else. Tell your doctor, they’ll be better able to evaluate you.

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It sounds similar to symptoms I’ve had. I sometimes hear the voices of people I know or used to know.

If they are like when you imagine voices, then they are not hallucinations. They could be intrusive thoughts, and those are a symptom of many disorders. More than likely, it is not schizophrenia.

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please get a psychiatrist if you don’t have one and see what they think or prescribe…if it is indeed schizophrenia you will need medication.

I don’t think it can be schizophrenia because of one symptom. If you have other odd problems (that you can read about on here) than it could be schizophrenia. Usually, schizophrenics have multiple serious problems that interfere with their functioning “normally” that got them the diagnosis. Examples would be hallucinations, delusions and paranoia.

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How was urs exactly?

I would hear the voice of someone I knew talking in a conversation with another person.

I get the same couple of ridiculous phrases that pop into my head most mornings like “up the bum no harm done - no harm dundy up the bumby” - childish rubbish that gets stuck in my brain and i have to shout it out in a pillow, otherwise is bothers me. I dont hear it - they are just bloody horrible intrusive thoughts. like @anon9798425 said. :frowning:

It could be my personailty disorder fcking with my head or the Sz. Im not sure.
It makes me embarrassed and ashamed when i have them.

It’s not like that… They are just random pop up phrase

They’re brief flowing

Have seen a doctor

If you’ve seen a doctor, please stay in contact with the doctor. They can help. Doctors are good. (Not saying they’re perfect in every case) but a good doctor will help.

If you feel like things in your mind are scaring you, have patience and trust that nothing is wrong with you. You are a good person. You even show that by how you expressed your concern about it.

Even if it feels scary, don’t be afraid to do the right thing and seek help.

I’ve closed this thread. Please trust your doctor instead of trying to get opinions on a forum. You’re welcome to visit us again if you get a psychotic disorder diagnosis from your doctor.

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