Is this schizo effective disorder depression or Just being old?

I don’t really enjoy the things I did since I was a child video games sports exercise

I used to enjoy these things when I was on Rispderal though.

so I dont know I guess I gotta talk to my psych doctor again

The therapist said I have schizo effective disorder because of my depression along with schizophrenia

Doesn’t depression make things you used to enjoy not fun anymore thats also a schizophrenia symptom you dont enjoy things in life anymore

The only thing I seem to enjoy is being social in real life and woman.

Not even being social online or online forums is that great

I only talking to woman in real life and I usally start up conversations really easy

but getting woman to talk in the right situation in real life is harder than online online you all have something in common. but in real life it’s like just shooting your shoot and if you score you score! i’m really good at that and if I miss I’m really good at backing off and not being weird or being salty I got rejected move onto the next one the thrill of the hunt is great for me. but a lot of guy frown upon me for talking to girls starting convos up the jealousy is so huge.

but like playing a video game all evening doesn’t intrest me even if I play with someone online

it doesn’t bring out the best in me.

so having to sit on my room and look at tv or being online really sucks.

I rather be out and trying to talk to women or at least shooting my shot and if I fail OH WELL onto the next girl.

but I don’t have gas in my car and I live in the country so walking to a social spot is non existant espically a lot of jail bait.

Talking on the phone is easy but I can’t find anyt numbers

the greatest thing I can’t do is find social spots to have chances to talk to women because they wanna talk to me too even streaming I’m getting hit up by a lot of hot women but I rather talk in real life

anyways it’s hard being stuck in my room being fat and not getting out ther and socializing when its really enjoyable and really easy for me. and guys wanna hate me for that but it’s furn for me way to ruin my life man.


I would bet you have negative symptoms.
But also an unhealthy addiction to women.

I think you need to consider - treatment for addiction honestly.
It’s a behavioral problem.
It is already affecting your finances and im sure much more.

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It only affects my finaces online.

I’ve never given money to woman in real life

I’m thinking my brain is telling me to get off my phone and the computer.

It’s unhealthy for me at this point.

I think talking to people in real life is more wholesome and better for me than online.

like I said people actually look out for me not online they just wanna make money

sad but true.

but like I said guys continue to beat my balls over going out and it’s scares me from going out at all plus I don’t have gas.

If I need to get offline it’s easier said than done when guys are scaring me and cops actually don’t want me out.

but being online and on my phone is probably not an addiction just unhealthy for me. I’m so much skilled to talk and give money to woman online when Offline it doesn’t even come up.

I’ll try and be open and honest with the pysch doctor and see if I i get a medicine change

but when guys are constantly starting ■■■■ with me in real life over nothing I fear for my life.

but really just my phone talking to women is unhealthy I don’t give any money to women on twitch. and I don’t give them any on cam sites it’s my phone where they contact me.

looking at this I might have to get off my phone and forcing myself to get out regardless if guys hate and take the L and still try to chat to women in real life even if the conversation is basically just pleasantrys like Hi and have a good night

at least I talked to women and didn’t let guys bother me maybe eventually I’ll get so good at not being afraid of guys and talking to women in weird spots I’ll master it. then I won’t be giving money to women on my phone.

everyone wins!


You know, you are really showing progress.

That’s really cool.

I think you should consider not having a phone only when you are out.
Discuss it with your doctor the right way to reduce harm on yourself.

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