Is this Sarcosine a scam?

It’s really hard for me to say if it’s working because my activity patterns are so erratic. One day I forgot to take it and it seemed like I had a bad morning, but that could have been because I am moody.

it says on the bottle to take one pill of each substance twice a day, did you eventually up it to 2 of each twice a day, for 8 total?

What I take is in powder form. They give you a little scoop that measures I gram. I take 3 grams a day, all in the morning. I can’t afford to take more. I get my Sarcosine from BrainVitamenz.

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Thanks all…


I recommend you read up on it here:

Why not N-Methyl-D-aspartic acid?

I’ve been taking Sarcosine and NAC for about two months. It works but barely. I feel like NAC is more effective to be honest. Is it worth the price? Not in my opinion. And the ads on this website are misleading to say the least. But I understand the need for ad revenue and I enjoy this site.

Needless to say, I won’t be spending $50 a month at ProFrontal or anywhere else. No way near a 30% drop in negative symptoms as recorded in the linked studies here. Too bad, in my opinion.

oh that’s horrible. I was hoping I would see some improvement. I’m starting it next week. I will monitor it closely though.

I’m starting it too waterway!

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I have not seen any evidence that this helps in schizophrenia. Have you seen some good scientific evidence of it helping in schiz? If so - please post links to the research.

Its a nmda receptor agonist which may have a negativ impact. To much and its neurotoxic… N-Methyl-D-aspartic acid has slightly improved my sleep and it did so a bit more effectively than glycine. Bodybuilders use it to boost testerone etc…

Researchers have told me that N-Methyl-D-aspartic acid should not be used with sarcosine in people who have schizophrenia.

I would not use N-Methyl-D-aspartic acid.

It’s hard to know. I think it works no better than a coffee for myself. So I guess it’s a minor stimulant

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My son is supposed to be taking it also this week.
I have no idea if he is-but talking to him, no difference so far,

I’m not sure "scam is the word. Maybe “a placebo effect.”

I have to say I took sarcosine at around 12:30 and noticed major effects and energy shift at around 3:00 I felt agitated, weirded out and energetic. I had a glass of wine with my lunch i don’t know if I shouldn’t drink with it? I’m gonna try again tomorrow morning. It’s 8 pm and I still have energy. I feel like I can go for a run. :worried:

Good chance that will iron out with time. Just have to adjust.

I heard you were supposed to start with a low dose then work your way up.

Yeah I did. I took half a scoop.

You could try even less for a few days.

Just a suggestion.

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