Is this psychosis?

Was this right of my relatives?

When I was 13yo I had a ”meltdown/episode” of a kind at my grandma’s house

They started dragging me around because I hadn’t ate anything that day because I didn’t want to

I blacked out and hurt people etc

I couldnt even probably answer simple questions in that state and I almost got ran over by a car that time

they were considering calling the police or an ambulance if i didnt calm down
They wanted to admit me into a psych ward
I didn’t calm down but they held me down…
Proceeded by insults like ”insane” and ”crazy” and insulting me from the time when I was a 1-2 year old :frowning: ”you act just like my schizo son”

it was really hurtful to me and i was just crying after it

Don’t hold anything against them

Even in this day a lot of people don’t understand ASD or SZ…

Parents and loved ones try to help in the best way they can, but they don’t always get it right unfortunately


You DON’T hurt people when you black out?

its blind rage for me

Ok blind rage then


Put yourself in your familys shoes

What would you do with a child that was behaving like that?

You need to think about this rationally


What would you do?

Well my neighbours have two autistic kids who have meltdowns regularly
The parents have to be firm with them and definitely shout sometimes
But generally mostly the kids appear to be happy, there 8-9 yrs now and less meltdowns happening
I found it distressing to hear the meltdowns it really upset me
But if i was a parent i would probably do the same, try to calm them but be firm

But is it right to insult me and hold me down

If you don’t set boundaries
The kids usually take the piss

Restraining someone in a rage can be very necessary. They were wrong to insult you though.


I would have got battered if i had a rage

I think restraining kids aint right

So what would you have done?

Just left me alone!

To get run over or something?


i would’ve not got into that situation if they didnt touch me in the first place

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We all have bad memories that we wish weren’t there
But every day of your life won’t have been bad
Its okay to find it hard to let go
Just try something distracting, calming
And chat whenever you need to

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I am sorry you are going threw this. It can be hard for parents to understand when you first start with psychosis.

It took my mom almost 10 years to understand and to finally believe I was sick.

she just thought i was looking for attention.

I finally bought her some books about sz and we started going to nami meetings where she met people going threw the same thing

you can try having your parents watch the documentary about January and Bodhi
its a documentary on two kids who both have sz. Its very interesting.