Is this psychosis or not


Just curious about something…

If i went to a nice outdoor music festival and when i got there, it felt like everyone is connected and plotting against me by using body language?

Is this just anxiety or what?

Fox out !!

That sounds like paranoia definitely breakthrough psychotic symptoms.


Just sounds like paranoia and anxiety.

Crowds do that to some people.

I wouldn’t worry about it as long as the symptoms subside after the festival.


@anon39015889 I feel like everyone is connected by the music when I go to a gig. But everyone plotting against you? That sounds paranoid or maybe even delusional if it’s become a fixed belief. I agree with goldenrex - it sounds ok if the symptom subsided after the festival.

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@anon39015889 the last concert I went to the Boss in Croke Park Dublin 80,000 people and I was at the front of the stage I didn’t feel paranoid at all Bud,hope it something and nothing and goes away quickly take care

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