Is this possible with wellbutrin?

I started taking wellbutrin yesterday at 75mg and am wondering if im really feeling happy this fast or if it was because i also started meditating the same day? Has this happened to anyone? You take it and feel better instantly? I started to feel or at least noticed i was happier after i meditated, however ive read that meditating takes a while to kick in. What do you think?

Might be the placebo effect.


Took about a week for me to really start feeling it working.

It’s nice when you get a good one.

I started with a low dose but gradually increased it but it has made a huge difference and my mood has stabilized a lot. It’s a great medication for depression. I also instantly started to feel it work as well.

Not trying to scare you, but I had this with Lexapro. Felt wayy better in like 3 days. Turned out to be mania which lasted 9 months. It might not be this, I really hope it’s just a placebo effect, but plz be careful.

I was told that Wellbutrin didn’t really kick into gear until 4-8 weeks, and that seemed to be my experience.

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This is the much more likely explanation.