İs this paranoia

İs there some kind of dirty political things going on the country or is this just my paranoia i don t know but today we was going to restaurant with my ex wife and we order some meals.everthing was normal until finished meals.nobody took the dirty dishes from our table.every staff saw the dishes just pass was really irritable and scary for me.because when something trigger my paranoia finally i find myself really desperate.another thing my ex wife witness to the this also.we was restaurant again we order one meal and staff just said that we are out of order on this meal and we said ok.but just two minutes later near table order same meal and staff said we have this meal.these small things just irritable as big things or even worse .my question is this look like paranoia or is this happened to you also?

Well, to be perfectly straight, are you white?

Because a LOT of people of color are treated that way all the time.


So is this political trend?because i m perfectly sure that this is not paranoia

I dont think its paranoia. Tbh its a very fine line in regards to whats reality and whats not. I think your sz is making you give it more attention then its worth though.

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Racism isn’t a political trend. It’s systematic oppression. Some is influenced by politics, but racism is never a political debate.


And I can’t tell you for sure without having been there.

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